5 Things People Ask Us for We Don't Carry

May 29, 2017

I laugh that to have anything on hand that any of our customers might need on any day that our inventory needs to be 'a mile wide and an inch deep'.  We do try to keep ready stock on our frequent fliers -- items our customers frequently purchase.  We have invested more on deeper inventory in many areas specifically to cater to occasional surges and still maintain stock of those items.

Like any retail store we try to spend each inch of display area on items most likely to sell.  Some items we can carry online but not in store; we can get most anything in our Supplier catalogs in a week to 10 days, but we can't carry every item every supplier offers, it would not help our Customers if we jam our store with items they don't buy frequently.

Here are recent top items we were asked for but don't carry:  

(1) a variety of medical tapes -- I assume the customer wanted cloth bandage tapes.  We carry stethoscopes, sphygometers, (blood pressure cuffs), shears, goggles, and penlights for EMS, but no cloth tape, and no variety of cloth tapes.

(2) a chef smock -- we do carry lab coats but not chef coats (or smocks).  We also offer the entire Maevn catalog for scrubs; they are in Farmer's Branch so usually deliver in a day or two.

(3) steel toed boots -- we also can order any Bates Footwear products, and we carry inventory on 7+ lines of boots, but none steel toed, or camo colored.  

(4) a backpack with a molle panel on the inside -- we get a fair number of this type request.  Customer has a specific use case in mind but no current product.  The molle system is intended to help add accessories to the outside of a tactical vest or pack, so unlikely to be used on an inner surface.  I suggested some alternate solutions.

(5) a previous design of an item the supplier has moved to a new design of.  I know this is frustrating.  We get a product we like, and when we go to replace it after it finally wears out, they have improved it and it is different.   I sympathize, but we can only carry what the supplier offers in each brand.  If it has to be that brand, we're locked in to how they currently make it.  If you are flexible on brands, we may be able to find a good substitute.

I appreciate it seems self-serving, but truly the best way to ensure we stock the gear you need & love is buy it here.  That's our signal to carry more of that item.

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