Best Quality at the Lowest Price

April 27, 2017

Everyone wants the best quality at the lowest price.  For items that we sell a lot of, like standard uniform shirts, we have an opportunity to address those factors directly by going to a private label shirt.

A private label item allows Regional Uniform & Supply to specify everything about the shirt, from material quality and stitching to specific features and details.  It also means we will be buying more at a time, which helps ensure we don't run out when new classes of EMS students come through.  Interestingly what we have found in the process is that some of the off-the-shelf products are not exactly what their label claims.  

Pictured is the first production sample EMT/EMS shirt done on our private label.  We expect to have these in the store and online soon.  These meet all the specification requirements at a lower price point that our current favorite uniform shirt.    It means more investment of time and energy (and money) for us but it pays off in a better product at a lower price for our customers, so it is win/win. 

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