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May 06, 2017

I had four Customer Service Opportunities this week that stood out.  I may have lost money on each one, and I was glad to do it.

First, a customer emailed that needed reflective lettering added to some shirts he purchased somewhere else.  All good, I contacted 2 companies that do that, but no response after a week.  Luckily at the Plano Chamber of Commerce Business Interchange I ran into Joe Mock at   Big Frog in Plano.  Joe felt sure they could help, so I emailed the Customer & suggested he talk to Big Frog directly.  A few more emails to get the handoff done.  Hopefully he got the lettering done.

Friday night we received an online order for a new lightweight jacket that is a variant of a MA-1 jacket.  I had the full version in stock in the color and size, not the lightweight version so it would need to come from the factory.  We ordered that, and contacted the customer to see what she preferred.  She agreed for us to ship the one from stock.  Since there was a price savings, I offered her a choice of a Law Enforcement Bangle, a Police Bunny, or a cash refund.  The bangle and the coat went into the mail Saturday morning.  Due to the size of a coat, and the logic in the webstore, the actual shipping requested was ~$10 more than the customer paid.  All good, jacket on the way to customer, and now we know the logic issue and I rewrote the webstore shipping logic to reflect.  

Saturday afternoon a customer called to ask if we could exchange some Rothco EMT pants that split along a seam during a EMT drill.  Apparently the customer was acting as a victim and being moved by other EMTs onto a stretcher as part of the exercise and the pants ripped along a side seam when he was rolled over.  New pants off the shelf, old pants in the queue to discuss with Rothco, happy customer off to his next chore.

Finally, work done for the week, closed the store, went home, then was out getting gas for my Wife.  Police Officer calls the store with a snap broken on a handcuff case.  He was just about to start his tour, and now he can't hustle after bad guys; no bueno. He and I met at the store, I re-opened, and we worked out a solution until we can get a better solution.  

In this case we had a replacement, but the supplier has changed the product slightly; I have the new product, but the Officer needs the old product.  I sent off to the supplier, ASP, to make sure we understand the change, and to see if they can help get an 'old' one.

In each of these cases, we could have said 'please take that to the supplier and inquire'.  Or 'we're closed come back when we're open'.   That's not how I want to operate though -- we provide hard working gear for people with hard jobs, and we try to help them out when there is an issue.  Regardless of whether Regional Uniform is at fault, we want to be part of the solution when our Customers have issues.

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