March 27, 2017

First draft for some in-store signage:

We offer custom knife / escape tools, hand cuff keys, keychain screwdrivers, and lapel pins made to  your specification.

We have a lot of artwork in our library for metroplex departments.  For knives and similar items, if we have your art on file, we can order any number of items pre-assembled and delivered in a week or two for a few items, a bit longer for large quantities.

If we need to transfer artwork, then we ask you to order a minimum of 25 pc.    Please plan 3-4 weeks for delivery to store depending.

For lapel pins, a mold is required for each design.  The lapel pins are hard enamel.  First they are die-struck into the metal, then enamel is applied by hand to match the design. They are then heated to a high temperature, and polished.  This process makes one of the highest quality, most durable lapel pins available.

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