Department or Agency PO's

April 09, 2017

I have added a new payment method to the online store: Department or Agency POs.  

  • Items will not be immediately placed on order when submitted in this way, and
  • The Total will still include tax, which may not be appropriate
  • and shipping, which if the item will be picked up in store may not be needed.

Here are the steps in this flow:

  1. Shop online, select items, quantities, etc into shopping cart.
  2. Use payment method "Department or Agency PO".  Note if shipping required; note if tax exempt
  3. We will calculate your actual cost and email it to you as a quote
  4. You email us back a PO
  5. We complete the order and deliver the items, and invoice your Department or Agency
  6. Dept or Agency pays by check based on terms of the PO

Please ask ahead if you have any questions.

Available only to Government Departments and Agencies.

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