Hybrid strategies with Sweetie Berry

May 20, 2017

My sister Shanna "Sweetie" Berry stopped by Regional Uniform today.

Sweetie at dinner at Seasons 52

Shanna is a hybrid strategist.  She advises well heeled businesses and entrepreneurs on business strategy.  She is working on projects in our home town of Camden, Arkansas, in Bethlehem, Penn and in NY among other places; she seems to be constantly somewhere interesting.  My impression is I would not be able to afford her advice, but luckily get it for free.  She was in town for an event in Dallas this weekend so we got to spend time together.

We talked about a variety of merchandising and store keeping changes to help sharpen our focus and help our customers better.  Changes in planning.

I also took a better image of our Healer bangle bracelet

Which can be found here: https://regionaluniform.com/collections/t-shirts/products/love-an-emt-nurse-or-doctor-bangle-bracelet



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