Regional Uniform & Supply welcomes Legacy Safety & Security Products

April 24, 2017

We have a new option in armor on the way to the store, from Legacy Safety and Security.

Armored Shirt -- this is a concealed shirt option with provision for ballistic panels. Starting at $74.99 with no panels, around $229.99 with IIIA panels

Tactical Vest Carrier -- an external vest which can carry soft or hard armor panels. $74.99  and 1 size fits most, adjustable.

Armor Kit -- this gives you an Armored Shirt, a set of IIIA soft panels front/rear, and a Tactical Vest Carrier  starting at $325  [click here]  This is a great start to an armor collection.  If you add a hard armor panel, you have complete protection.  If you add some extra no-armor concealed shirts, you would have a nice rotation to keep fresh & clean.

Concealed IIIA Vest -- this is a more traditional, poly-cotton concealed vest carrier with soft armor IIIA panels starting at $279.  This is available (at extra charge) in sizes up to 6X! [click here]

Hard Armor -- Level III and IV Armor plates at $249.99 each. [click here]

This should make a great option at a very low price for Security Officers, EMTs, Correction Officers, frequent Shooting Range participants or Instructors.

There is a lead time for manufacture of most items, plan for a couple of weeks on small orders.  We will be able to eliminate that by prestocking armor kits and vests.  

We will be adding the complete Legacy Safety & Security product line.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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