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May 22, 2017

We have a sample in route for a new EMS shirt.  I like our supplier for the current light blue (some suppliers refer to it as medium blue) EMS shirt, but good to have choices.

We received production proof info on a second Security badge.  This one will also be exclusive to Regional Uniform, and is entering production now.  The supplier showed us three different cladding methods to impact how shiney & reflective the resulting badge would be.  The new security badge should be in stock in a few weeks.

The online store is working out well for custom quotes.  It lets us select items from the online store, select a discount, include or exclude shipping, and tax, and send you a quote that you can click on to pay.  If you need to pay via PO we can easily sort that out by just responding by email.

We now have three watch lines -- a Thin Blue line watch from Rothco, a bespoke Tactical watch from Mileata, and a line of custom watches from SwissPL.  They are all found under Law Enforcement | Watches on the main online store menu.

The Rothco watch is a $32 Thin Blue Line watch.  It looks good and is at a great price point.  

Mileata is an Irish firm that makes watches for the Irish Military.  Regional Uniform is their first US distributor. We have an M1 Protector example in store to view.  The M2 is similar but designed for a different uniform match.  These are $853.25 and are either available in store or will be shipped overnight from Ireland FEDEX (with free shipping!)

Finally, the SwissPL line are completely custom, one-off watches.  We can facilitate your design, then invite you to work directly with SwissPL to tune it in to your tastes.  These start at $1,256 and final pricing depends on options and design.  We have examples in the online store.  SwissPL does a lot of these for Squadron Commanders and organizations.


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