NEW Armor Options for EMT, Ambulance, Correction, Security

May 05, 2017

We received samples for the Legacy and Security Armor line instore today, and added a new womanequin, EMT Emily.  

We are a long-term US Armor dealer.  We love US Armor.  US Armor makes the lightest, most comfortable armor on the market.  But if you can't afford US Armor gear, and you don't need full NIJ certification, you need another option.  That's where we see LSS gear fitting in our business model.  

LSS has had independent labs test their gear to the latest NIJ spec -- they have done complete rounds fired tests, and they are open to Customer validation 'shoot' tests.  Check the videos on our individual product pages in the LSS section for validation test video.

The LSS armor up kit is a great starting point -- an armored shirt, an external vest, and IIIa soft armor that fits in either, all for $325.  Add a couple of extra shirts at $74 each so you can wear one wash one and you have a plan.  Add a rifle plate you can throw into the vest and you have options. 

So should you buy US Armor, or LSS Armor?  They don't really compete. If you can afford the US Armor get that.  Be sure to check our US Armor standard sizing options because you may be surprised how affordable it is!  Pick a complete set with the 5000/6000 options, or pick a carrier, then a ballistic panel set. Remember to let us know your agency/department for a US Armor discount code; if you are tax exempt we can fix that by sending you a quote from the webstore.

If that is out of the question or out of your budget, get the LSS gear.  Don't go without because of money; your life is too important.

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