Officer Survival Solutions Medical Pouches & Packs

April 23, 2017

We are pleased to team with U.S. Armor to offer the excellent Officer Survival Solutions (OSS) pouches and medical kits.  See Medical for a list of all of our medical supplies.

An Example Pouch - the Trauma Plate concealable pouch.

 OSS was created in 2009 out of the immediate and desperate need for a realistic officer survival kit to be readily available to every law enforcement officer and agent in the field, directly in harms way. Most departmental “Trauma” shooting kits or patrol car first aid kits are simply unfit and grossly under equipped to “Save” officer lives when involved in a penetrating trauma injury with severe hemorrhaging. Annual officer deaths are still listing two thirds as preventable (officers are still bleeding to death).

OSS has designed and equipped all our packs with the most advanced "proven" medical gear available but tailored to be used by a Patrol Officer that may or may not have medical training.

In each case there is a pouch and a med kit to go into the pouch.  For the Patrol Pack, the choice of med kits is based on the tourniquet included, which drives a choice of two different packs, to accommodate the tourniquet in each med kit.

For the Trauma Plate pouch, the pouch attaches to the front of a concealed vest.  There is an open top pouch that is flatter and so concealable, or a closed top pouch that is more secure, but less concealable due to the top flap.

Here are direct links to each of the Pouches, Packs, and options:

In each case you can pick from variants on the product page.  You can select the pouch and the appropriate medical kit, the pouch alone, or the med kit alone.  This allows you to refill the med kit if you already have the pouch but deployed (used up) the med kit.

Generally, the pouch alone is a 7xxx part number.

The med kit alone is a F-501xxx part number.

When a pouch has a med kit I show it as a F-501xxx + 7xxx part number.

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