Raid Jacket Samples Improve the Breed

April 29, 2017

I am in the process of creating a professional, functional raid jacket instead of the excellent $52 DutyMan Raid Jacket system, because DutyMan is discontinuing theirs.  (order now if you want some of these!)


We have received the first Raid Jacket samples from our three selected factories.   All the main features, the velcro flap with lettering on back, the vented jacket, the side zippers, are all in the sample.

I had taken one picture of the raid jacket with three removable velcro panels hanging down the front of a jacket.  My intent was to show the variety of lettering that can be used on the removable panels -- POLICE, SHERIFF, SECURITY, CORRECTION, EMT and others.

One of the sample companies misunderstood this picture to mean there were three pockets on that side of the front panel of the jacket.  Each pocket was beautifully finished with a vecro closure top and "POLICE" written on the pocket.  They know now to fix that if we select them for manufacture.  But serendipity strikes -- now we are improving the design to include bullet magazine pockets on the front bottom panels left and right. Also, the badge panel will now become a badge flap with a pocket it can hide in, or be sewn above and hang down from.  This should be a better weight bearing solution for a badge mounted on the flap.

Product development is expensive, but can lead to improved professional products.    I am interested to see the other samples which should arrive over the next 2 weeks.

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