U.S. Armor OSS NSW Advanced Battle Packs and Pouches

Optional 7455 NSW Advanced Battle Pack Pouch

  • 7 ½” h x 3 ½” w x 1 ½” d Hook and loop closure and Molle system attachment

Optional F-501009 NSW Advanced Battle Pack med kit Contents:

  • CAT Tourniquet
  • Combat Gauze
  • OSS Combat Compression Bandage
  • 3’ Compressed Gauze
  • HyFin Chest Seal (vented)
  • 14ga 3.25 Chest Decompression Needle
  • Nasopharyngeal 28fr w/ 550 cord
  • Pair of Nitrile Gloves
  • All contents sealed inside our rugged skip pack w/ tear notches.

      U.S. Armor is proud to partner with Officer Survival Solutions to provide the industries best tactical trauma kits available. In 2009 Officer Survival Solutions invented the first and only tactical trauma kit small enough to fit inside the uniform of the average patrol officer and still contain the critical components necessary to stop an arterial hemorrhaging gunshot wound. Our OSS Pocket Pack Series kits are the smallest and thinnest in the industry and are able to be concealed during plainclothes or U/C operations. As of January 2016, our OSS Pocket Pack Series kits have been credited with twenty four (24) Officer Lives Saved!

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