Rothco Deluxe Concealed Weapons Permit Badge

Professional Metal Badge Design, done in high quality showing great detail in the Eagle's wings and sunburst behind the main seal.  The center seal reads "Liberty & Justice for All" and depicts the Liberty Bell with two American flags.  

First, a 3D computer file is created, and a mold is made from the 3D file.  Next, zinc alloy is cast into the mold, taking on all the fine details of the badge.  Then the badge is clad in nickel plating.  Enamel is added to highlight the lettering.  The badge is baked to set the enamel, and polished.  The result is a high quality, sharp, bright & shiny professional looking badge.

The back of these badges has a sturdy vertical safety pin attachment. 

Dimensions: 3 1/8" x 2 1/4"  These are very high quality badges.

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