U.S. Armor Ballistic Blanket

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Flexible and portable 6 ft x 4ft Level IIIA ballistic protection. One of the most flexible tools an operator can have at their disposal.

The Ballistic Blanket can be used as a movable ballistic barricade to evacuate from a hostile situation, it can reinforce a vehicles windows or door panels, it can add ballistic protection to an officer's position during a shoot out or armor-up any area where a team needs additional protection from the enemy.

Threat Level: IIIA
Armor Package: DuPont™ Air-Entangled Kevlar® 129®

Key Features:
Flexible and portable Level IIIA protection
Easy to store and transport
Intrinsically safe - no metal snaps/zippers to spark or frag
Durable - 500 Denier CORDURA® cover

Specification sheet: http://usarmor.com/images/products/51_blankets_pg2-5.pdf

NIJ 0101.04/.05 Certified

Carrier Type
Permanently sewn-down, 500 Denier CORDURA® cover
Nylon webbing straps for easy carry and deployment
Ballistic Material
DuPont™ Air-Entangled Kevlar® 129® Armor package
Ballistic Weight
Wt. per Sq. Ft. 19.4 oz. (549.98 g)
Total Weight: 32 lbs.
72" x 48"
Standard Features

Hand loops placed around the perimeter of the blanket to enable a variety of suspension and facilitate use as an emergency litter
Built-in channels that can be stiffened using pre-cut PVC pipes to deploy the blanket as a static, horizontal shield
Large VELCRO® ID patches with "POLICE" or "SHERIFF" embroidery to have quick and highly visible identification
Ballistic Capabilities

Enforcer Classic series armor, Level IIIA, Code: USA
.357 SIG (125 gr FMJ) – 1809 fps/551.38 mps
.44 Magnum (240 gr SJHP)– 1688 fps/514.50 mps
* V50 Data and special testing available

Ballistic panels–60 months


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