U.S. Armor -- Custom Fit Ballistic + Carrier + Normal, CuTEC, or Outlast™ Heat Management Fabric

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Standard Features

NIJ 0101.06 Certified
  • 6-point elastic/VELCRO® closure system
  • Removable strap system
  • 6" x 8" Soft Ballistic Trauma Plate
  • Shirt Tails

Optional Features

  • Upgraded Outlast™ Heat Management Fabric Carrier (same material used by NASA in their astronaut space suits - keeps the officer cool when the body is warm, keeps officer warm when the body is cold)
  • Upgraded CuTEC Copper Thread Technology Carrier (elminates heat rash and other skin complications from long term body armor use)
  • CoolMax® T-shirts
  • Winter Quilt outer carrier
  • Ranger 100, 200, 300, 500 outer carriers
  • Uniform Shirt Carrier
  • Additional trauma plate insert options
  • Concealable Carry Bags (Nylon)

Ballistic Capabilities

6000 Series armor (6316M-male, 6326F-female), Level IIIA
  • .357 SIG (125 gr FMJ) – 1883 fps / 573.94 mps
  • .44 Magnum (240 gr SJHP)– 1671 fps / 509.32 mps
* V50 Data and special testing available

Aerial Density

  • 0.99 lbs./sq. ft. (15.84 oz./sq. ft.) - Male IIIA
  • 1.03 lbs./sq. ft. (16.48 oz./sq. ft.) - Female IIIA

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Tailor Made Sizing:

U.S. Armor Corporation exceeds the industry standards in custom tailored sizing by offering true TAILOR MADE sizing in half-inch increments combined with the U.S Armor 60-day Fit Guarantee. Standard sizes are also available.

Standard Sizes (click here)


  • Ballistic panels–60 months
  • Permanent Cover–36 months
  • Removable Carriers–18 months
  • Fit Guarantee—60 days

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