U.S. Armor Ranger 200 Outer Carrier - Standard Sizes

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Ranger 200 series has a permanent, sewn-down pouch configuration including:(2) Large utility pouches with internal elastic loops for mag and shotgun shell retention, (1) Large radio pouch,(1) Handcuff pouch, (1) Flashlight retention strap.
The U.S. Armor Ranger Outer Carrier series quickly converts your concealable body armor into a high visibility, external ballistic vest for detectives, "plainclothes" Officers and First Responders. The Ranger Outer Carrier is the best universal piece of equipment for any department in a post-9/11 environment.

Available Armor Packages:

  • Accepts all U.S. Armor NIJ .06 & NIJ .04/.05 ballistic panels

Key Features:

  • Sewn-down pocket/pouch system
  • High performance outer carrier option for your concealable ballistic armor
  • Helps to keep the individual cooler by increasing the distance between the individual's body and the body armor
  • High visibility name tapes and badge holder for positive Agency ID

Standard Features

200 series
  • Sewn-down pocket system including: (2) Large utility pouches with internal elastic loops for mag retention, (1) Large radio pouch, (1) Handcuff pouch, (1) flashlight retention strap
  • 500 Denier Nylon CORDURA® Outer Shell
  • Waist cummerbund
  • Accepts all concealable ballistic panels (additional fee may apply to accommodate over sized armor panels)
  • Mic holder
  • Badge holder
  • Included front and back removable "POLICE" or "SHERIFF" patches

Optional Features

  • Nylon Tactical Carry Bag
  • Custom embroidered agency ID patches (additional fee may apply)

Ballistic Capabilities

Accepts concealable ballistic armor panels of Level IIA, II or IIIA.

Tailor Made Sizing:

U.S. Armor Corporation exceeds the industry standards in custom tailored sizing by offering true TAILOR MADE sizing in half-inch increments combined with the U.S Armor 60-day Fit Guarantee. Standard sizes are also available.

Standard Sizes (also available upon request)

  • Small (34” – 36”)
  • Medium (38” – 40”)
  • Large (42” – 44”)
  • X Large (46” – 48”)
  • XX Large (50” – 52”)
  • XXX Large (54” – 56”)
  • XXXX Large (58” – 60”)


  • Removable Carriers–18 months
  • Fit Guarantee—60 days

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