U.S. Armor Rifle Plate External Carrier - RPC

The Rifle Plate Carrier (RPC) provides a quick "armor-up" capability for first responders when a rifle threat is imminent. 
This vest can be easily stowed in a vehicle and quickly thrown over an officer’s concealable body armor to rapidly increase protection in the event of an active shooter situation or other high threat environments.

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    Threat Levels

    Level III or Level IV (Rifle Plates sold separately)

    Available Armor Packages:

    • Rifle Plates - Front/Back (sold separately)

    Key Features:

    • Front and Back rifle plate pocket (10" x 12")
    • Low profile & lightweight
    • Easy transport and storage

    Standard Features

    NIJ .04/.05 or NIJ .06 Certified

    • High mobility cut for ease of operator movement
    • Adjustable shoulder and side straps for both a vertical and horizontal superior fit
    • Front/Back MOLLE for additional pouches and holsters
    • VELCRO® loop sewn into front/back top (2) rows of MOLLE for adding high visibility agency ID patches
    • Padded shoulder strapsfor increased comfort and reduced fatigue during extended operations
    • 300 lb. capacity Rear Drag Bar for rescue situations

    Optional Features

    • Rifle Plates - Level III or Level IV (Polyethylene, Ceramic, or Steel)
    • Tactical Carry Bag
    • 500 Series, MOLLE-backed pockets and holsters
    • POLICE, SHERIFF or custom VELCRO® agency ID patches

    Ballistic Capabilities

    Rifle Plates, Level III
    • 7.62 x 51mm/.308 (148 gr. NATO FMJ) – 2780 fps/847.34 mps
    Rifle Plates, Level IV
    • .30-06 Cal (166 gr. M2 Armor Piercing) – 2880 fps/877.82 mps
    * V50 Data and special testing available

    Standard Sizes (also available upon request)

    • Small (34” – 36”)
    • Medium (38” – 40”)
    • Large (42” – 44”)
    • X Large (46” – 48”)
    • XX Large (50” – 52”)
    • XXX Large (54” – 56”)
    • XXXX Large (58” – 60”)


    • Removable Carriers–18 months
    • Fit Guarantee—60 days

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