Cool Towel

CoolTowel®, an INSTANT cooling towel, for use at work, during sports and outdoor activities or simply to refresh and cool down your body temperature.

Cool Towel® are quick refreshment, used by Rescue and First Responders. But NOW AVAILABLE for personal use. Cool Towel® are ‘ready-to-use’ in hygienically sealed, individual pouches. The re-sealable package is designed for easy repeated use throughout your HOT day. Each towel is made from 100% natural cotton, NOT a synthetic towel or wipe. Each towel is pre-moistened with an all-natural cooling solution, so you experience instant cooling to your body without the need of refrigeration or water!! CoolTowel® helps you cool down, right out of the package!

Can CoolTowel® really make a difference? YES!
First Responders, disaster relief workers and emergency response workers of all types use them, when water or refrigeration is not readily available ‘on-scene’. CoolTowel® readily drop to 20*-30* below your body temperature to quickly cool and refresh you. Just remove a CoolTowel® from its individual package, shake in the open air and apply to your face, head, neck and arms. The towel will absorb your body heat. When that happens, simply re-shake your towel to activate the cooling properties again. The re-sealable pouch lets you save your CoolTowel® for use later too.

How does CoolTowel® work?
CoolTowel® is a patented and trademarked product and it’s all natural and safe for use on even the most sensitive skin. They are made of 100% natural cotton. This is NOT a synthetic towel or wipe, but a real soft towel, infused with purified water and natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals. It’s naturally refreshing without the need of refrigeration. They work by using evaporative cooling, an endothermic process, which is initiated the instant our cooling solution hits the oxygen and the user’s skin. There is no need to re-take that college physics class. Trust us, it is COOL how they work!

The natural ingredients are good stuff too! Ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (you probably call it Aloe Vera) and derivatives of coconut milk and molasses (yes, really). We add a proprietary blend of natural Essential Oils too, so there is a light fragrance for your CoolTowel® Essential oils are distilled from the leaves, flowers, roots and other parts of a given botanical plant. With citrus fruits, the essential oil is usually pressed from the peels (rinds) of the fruit. Essential oils contain the true aromatic essence of the plant and many essentials oils offer other therapeutic benefits.

Ultimately, these effective and innovative all-natural ingredients is what seperates CoolTowel® from a synthetic towel or wipe that some competitors sell. Because these towels are 100% cotton, they are bio-degradable, leaving no long term environmental impact if disposed of. However, we recommend that you recycle your CoolTowel® After the cooling properties have been exhausted, simply launder them and use them around your workplace or home. Some examples would be: dust rag, clean your car, polish your tools and equipment or use anywhere a cotton towel would come in handy!

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