Custom Large Tactical Knives

A custom knife can be an ideal team gift, holiday, or retirement gift.  If we don't have it in our catalog, we will work with you on artwork.  In that case for the knives and similar items there is no charge for the artwork, but we ask that you order a minimum buy of 25 pieces.  We will get a proof of the artwork back from Design before the order finalizes for your review.  We discount the knives in that case to $21 each.  

The price for this page is 25 knives at $17 each or $425 plus tax, shipping and handling.

Please be sure to email your art to and we will work with you and the studio to adjust it to the emblem parameters.

Private companies or corporations -- this item makes a great custom gift.

When NOT to order a Custom Knife?

We have a variety of knives with local agency and department emblems in inventory, and more in our current catalog.  You can find them here: 1 ADDITIONAL TACTICAL KNIFE ESCAPE TOOL WITH ESTABLISHED EMBLEM

If we do have your emblem in our catalog, there is no minimum buy, and one knife with emblem is $24.95.  If we have it in inventory in the store it will ship the next day.  If we have to have it made it will take 7-10 days to get to us and then be mailed to you.

We also have 'blanks' available, with no emblem on them if you really want the knife or tool without an emblem and they are $14.95.

The item itself is an escape tool -- it combines a knife, window breaker, and seat belt cutter in a pocketknife form.

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