Personal Alarm from Sabre

This is a small device that makes a BIG noise.  The feature that looks like 2 buttons is actually 2 speakers.  Pull the pin, and it makes a very loud shrieking alarm.  This will immediately draw the attention of anyone near by -- not what a thief or mugger wants.  

You can drop the alarm where the problem is, or you can keep it with you as you clear the area safely.  Once you plug the pin back in, it is quiet again and ready for re-use.  We have set this off in our store to demonstrate, and people cover their ears.

Say hello to SABRE personal alarms — another powerful safety option from the #1 brand of pepper spray worldwide. At SABRE, we’re proud to say our alarms are the best personal alarms for women, children, and others available on the market today. Thanks to their compact size, high functionality and quality design, they offer exceptional on-the-go convenience in a range of personal body alarm products that you can trust. From a sport and safety horn to a keychain alarm to a personal alarm device for runners, our personal alarm devices provide the perfect complement to your safety plan. Invest in a SABRE personal alarm that can help you attract attention and deter attackers in dangerous situations.

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