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Need a Watch that is Tough Enough to be on the Job? We've got your 6.  As Tough as the Irish, as Precise as the Swiss, Dependable, Professional Tactical Law Enforcement Watch 

M1 - Protector
The M1-Protector was designed to be used with the majority of uniforms. It is black and dark grey with a black NATO strap. The watch has a stealthy appearance and is perfectly suited to SWAT teams or Special forces.


M2 - Defender
The M2-Defender is the same great watch as the M1 but its dark olive green dial and matching NATO strap are a perfect combination for any green uniform.

Our Mission
Our mission is to design and build the best military and law enforcement watches in the world today. We have a passion for watch design and we take on the challenges that such watches naturally bring. We have interviewed not only our own military forces but military and police personnel from all over the world so that we could develop the ultimate “go-to” watch for tactical use.

Míleata watches are tough and durable, reliable and dependable. All our watches are designed in and assembled by hand in Ireland. Míleata's watches are designed from the ground up to be thoroughbred tactical watches, not simply civilian watches playing dress-up.

Our Promise

Míleata’s promise is to go above and beyond in the pursuit of perfection and durability with an uncompromising commitment to quality and a close attention to detail.

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Accuracy
  • Support

When we set out to design this watch we looked at what was currently on the market and what military were generally wearing. We discovered that the majority are wearing big clumsy plastic “Shock” watches. There is a time and a place for these types of watches but not in a professional military environment. Míleata watches bring a higher level of professionalism with a watch that integrates into the wearers uniform. Rather than using cheap plastic we milled our case from solid steel, to produce a more durable watch.

The case was designed with comfort and usability in mind. It is not too big that it can be clumsy on the wrist, nor is it too small so that it is easily read. Every curve and surface of the case was designed to slide under sleeves so that it doesn’t get caught. The bezel was designed to minimise the amount of sand and dirt that can get in under the bezel jamming the workings. It is also slightly harder to turn than normal to avoid unintentional rotation. The crown guard was designed to protect the crown but care was taken so it did not dig into the back of the wrist.

To make it more durable and reduce the amount of removeable parts we welded solid steel bars to the lugs. This way the watch is not relying on thin flimsy spring bars and there is no need for tools when changing straps, you simply slide the old strap off and weave on a new one.

The dial uses a good strong lume so that it will illuminate all during the night but not too much so that it will give you position away in the dark. The dial is also free of unnecessary clutter to make it more legible.

To reduce hard reflections the crystal has been double domed. This also means the dial will not distort when viewing at any angle. We have coated the inside of the crystal with an anti-reflective coating so it will not wear off.

M - Series
Míleata launched the M series in 2015. Ever since this watch has been gaining a following from military and law enforcement as their main work watch and It has been a favourite for many serving overseas.  Now this purpose built tactical watch is available here in the USA.

What is an Automatic watch?
An automatic watch has a fully mechanical movement that is wound up with the movement of your wrist. This is a pure old school watch that does not rely on batteries or electronics. It takes its power from a spring which is kept wound up by an offset weight that turns when you move your wrist. The watch will remain fully wound up while you wear it, and if you take it off it will use the power reserve in its spring which lasts around 40 hours.

What is anti-magnetic protection?
The timing of the watch is controlled by small hairspring and if this spring becomes magnetised it will cause the watch to run erratically. To combat this, we surround the movement with a soft iron shield. This shield, which is often mistakenly referred to as a Faraday’s cage, becomes saturated by the magnetic field and redirects the magnetic field around the movement and not through it.

Shipping / Special Handling
Your M1 Protector Watch will be made by hand by master craftsman to exacting specification in Ireland and shipped directly to your door.   Please allow 2 days for Fedex service from Ireland.  Shipping is free.

2 years limited warranty included.

Custom options available; please inquire.
New quartz models coming late in 2017.

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