If you have any questions feel free to email us at sales@regionaluniform.com.  Here are some questions we have heard and the answers:

  1. Do you take Department or Agency PO's?  Yes

  2. Can you accept Department or Agency payment terms?  Generally, Yes

  3. Can you quote or bid to specification?  yes; email the spec to sales@regionaluniform.com

  4. What do you carry?  Police, Fire, Security, EMT/EMS uniforms & supplies, and Maevn Scrubs

  5. Can you work with us for recurring uniform requirements, like every June we graduate a glass of 10-15 officers and provide them with 3 sets of gear?  Yes

  6. Can you help us establish a detailed specification?  Yes

  7. Can you bid complete costs to us including shipping?  Yes

  8. What do you NOT do?  Generally, if you need to buy it we would like to help.   We have direct supplier relationships with multiple brands, and indirect relationships with almost everyone else.    We don't normally deal in vehicles or heavy equipment.

  9. Can you do custom patches, emblems, lapel pins, etc? Yes.  In some cases there is a minimum order quantity to cover foundry costs.

  10. Can we setup an account for our Private Security Firm so that we can send officers in to get equipped with uniforms and gear and you charge it to our account?  Yes
  11. Where can I shop online and order from you?  In store, or here on this site.  In addition, at these preferred partners you can shop their catalog, note item their description and part number, and order or request a quote from us.  If you need a single item or small order we will try to combine your order to reduce order charges.  If you are buying multiple quantities we can often offer a discount.  Some items require special measurements and fitting; click on the name below to go to their site.
    1. Dutyman  
    2. Rothco 
    3. Bates (Wolverine)
    4. U.S. Armor 
    5. Premier Emblem
    6. Kroll Corporation -- including 5.11 Tactical, Under Armor, S&W, many others
    7. Flying Cross  (Fechheimer)
    8. Strong Leather
    9. Propper
    10. Maevn Uniforms
    11. Sabre Red
    12. Blue Guns
    13. Reeves Name Pins
    14. Nightstick (Bayco)
    15. Quick turn nametags -- we have custom nametag engraving in store.
    16. Ask Us -- if you don't see it, ask.  If it exists we can try to source it for you.  If it doesn't, we may be able to create it for you.  We want to be your source for uniforms & gear.
  12. Can you ship outside of the United State?  Some items we sell are Law Enforcement only, and some items we sell are US only.  If an item is not otherwise restricted we are willing to ship it to you.
  13. I need to buy a quantity of a specific product -- can you discount it from the pricing shown?  How do I get that discount?  Sometimes, yes.  Email us at sales@regionaluniform.com with your specific item list and quantities and we can send you a quote with shipping.
  14. My Department or Agency is not taxed; how do I order an item without getting charged taxes?  Email us your shopping list and we will email you back a specific quote with a store link to let you complete your purchase with appropriate discout, tax, shipping, etc.  
  15. How can I pick up at the store and avoid shipping costs?  Email us your shopping list and we will email you back a specific quote with a store link to let you complete your purchase.  
  16. Your question here -- If you have a question not included in this FAQ let us know at sales@regionaluniform.com