Bates Boots -- Special order

We are an authorized Bates Footwear Retailer.  We carry the most popular lines of boots our customers request in store.  But we can get you anything in the Bates Footwear catalog here: at a discount to the MSRP prices shown, especially for multiple pair purchases.  

For small orders if we can combine it with a store order we will and save shipping.

We can accept Department and Agency purchase orders.  

How to order:  

  1. Click on the link and specify exactly what boots you need.  Write that down.
  2. Email us the name of the Bates Footwear Product, and how many you need of each size and width to
  3. We will send you back a quotation for the exact amount with shipping.  
  4. You send us a PO
  5. We send you boots with an invoice
  6. Your Department sends us a check.  Easy.

We want to get you the gear you need.  Let us help.  This says "in store only" but what we mean is "email or communicate with us".

For other special order catalogs, check the FAQ page.


    Available In Store Only

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