Stay Safe: Gerber Tools Offroad Survival Kit/SUV Kit, Black Nylon Case - Box

If your car or truck stopped in the middle of no where and you really had to rough it until help arrived, what do you have ready to help?  Nothing, right?   This kit gives you the key survival tools you could use to maintain until help arrives in a handy kit.  I hope you never need to use them; I also hope if you do need them, you have a set with you.  Great for a graduation gift, first time away from home gift, or offroader.  Not guaranteed to help you survive a zombie apocolypse, but certainly a great start.

What's in the Box? All the tools you'd need in case of a vehicle emergency!

  • Gerber folding spade
  • Back paxe hand axe
  • MP600 multi-plier
  • exchange-a-blade sport saw
  • Maglite flashlight (2-D-cell batteries not included)
  • carrying kit

Makes a great gift!

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