LockedBrands LLC Pillar App-controlled LockBox

Keep Your Personal Items Secure

The Pillar is a great place to keep your prescriptions, medicinals, keys, money, or other personal items locked up in plain sight

Your valuables remain secure until you decide to open The Pillar via Voice-ID or our free app, and that means no keys and no PINs to remember. You can easily share access from anywhere. The Pillar is smell-proof and has a built in Kensington anchor for attaching a compatible cable lock. Ideal for travelers, parents, those with roommates, teachers, Airbnb rentals, cubicles and more.

Key Technologies

Four reasons The Pillar stands out

    • WiFi enabled

      Open The Pillar from wherever you are, any time you want. Stores a minimum of 10 WiFi SSID’s and passwords

    • Fail Safe Mode

      Unique Master password for each Pillar means you can open it without Voice ID or when WiFi or the internet is down

    • Voice ID Biometric

      Dual passphrase design and selectable sensitivity helps ensure that only your voice can open The Pillar. Has someone recorded you saying the passphrases? Voice ID can be quickly & easily disabled until you train a new one

  • Share Access Easily

    Provide friends and family with access to The Pillar in seconds. Reward the kids remotely when chores are done. Share or revoke access privileges instantly

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