Police Bunny -- Zootopia's Judy Hopps as the first bunny police woman - Free S&H

Okay, my Wife tells me this product is NOT on-brand for a Public Safety Supply Store like Regional Uniform & Supply, but how could I resist a bunny in a police uniform?

Help me prove her wrong and buy one of these!  I put one pic next to our tactical pen, so you can see the bunny is small, around 7.6" tall depending on how you judge ear tips when measuring bunnies.  Pen not included in this product.  The bunny does measure up in cuteness and appeal.  

This one is a simple stuffed rabbit; it does not talk or dance or hop.  It does clearly have a police uniform on!  The item has tags but comes in plastic packaging. 

 I will ship this for free (in exchange you promise not to tell my Wife). 

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